What is an alcoholic?

Alcoholics are people who have lost the ability to stop drinking, and more importantly, stay stopped, on their own. Whether they want to or not, they take yet another drink, and the painful cycle continues.

The following leaflet includes questions to help you determine if you are an alcoholic:

AA has a programme that gives individuals the tools to abstain from one drink, one day at a time. We don’t focus on the future, we just focus on getting to bed sober today.

The first step involves admitting to having a drinking problem. Many of us found this the hardest, but most powerful step to take. We encourage anyone who thinks they have a problem with alcohol, to attend a few AA meetings. Just come along and hear other people talk about how they got back to living sober by sticking with the programme in AA. Keep an open mind. It is so easy to judge, especially when that internal voice doesn’t want us to get the help we really need.