LGBTQIA Alcoholics Anonymous Manchester

Welcome to our website providing information about AA, what it is and what it isn’t, insights from the LGBTQIA community and how to find AA meetings in Manchester and afar. Manchester has had a history of supporting LGBTQIA in programmes like AA since 1996. So you’re not alone.

Read the following leaflet to learn about the experience of other LGBTQIA people in AA:

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Anyone with a desire to stop drinking can attend AA meetings. However, we know of some people from the LGBTQIA community who feel sceptical about AA and whether ‘it will work for them’. Our experience, is that it continues to do so for hundreds of LGBTQIA alcoholics in Manchester, and many thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) around the world. AA welcomes and can work for everyone suffering from the disease of alcoholism, regardless of who they are, and their individual circumstances.

The GOD word

We can’t avoid it so we might as well talk about it now, especially as many LGBTQIA people have not had good experiences with anything associated with this word (although we know of others who have). So to be clear: AA is a recovery programme based upon spiritual principles. It is not about God in the traditional sense.

AA is not a religion and has no view on that subject. The original AA literature uses the term ‘God’. But goes on to clearly state that each of us makes our own mind up about what that means for them. For some, it is simply the AA group itself. After all, doesn’t ‘GOD’ also stand for ‘Good Orderly Direction’ by a ‘Group Of Drunks’?

Keep an open mind, meet LGBTQIA people who get and stay sober because of AA.